Yogi Bhajan Answers Confusion on Women

Yogi Bhajan Answers Confusion on Women

[VIDEO] Q: "If Guru Gobind Singh wanted women in the Panj Piare, why didn't it happen then?" A: If a wome...

Yogi ji answers the following questions:

Q1 - If Guru Gobind Singh wanted women in the Panj Piare, there would have been a woman in the original Panj Piarey. Then why are women allowed? 

A1- If a women would have stood up at that time, Guru ji would have accepted. That's not the issue. Women are equal. Khalsa is beyond gender. Khalsa has no gender.

Q2 - If boys and girls are equal, why are they treated differently?

A2- Girls are equal. They are not to be treated unfairly, but some traditions are here in the culture because there were times when women were treated like animals. Guru Gobind Singh fought against the oppression. Women are the better half. 

Q3 - Can female Amritdharis wear make up?

A3 - Why does she want to wear make up? Is there a defect? Make-up is there to cover up a defect. Better to cure the defect than to cover it up. 

Q4 - Do you think it's right for boys to go out, and girls to stay home?

A4 - I don't understand why you think girls are prisoners. You think if they go out they will do something bad. You should teach them values, and then trust them to make good decisions. If you don't trust them, they won't trust you.

Q5 - How can a woman deal with a man's ego?

A5 - She can be sweet. Don't confront a man's ego. Her smile will win every time. It's sociologically proven.  

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