Sikhs join 800th anniversary of Myanmar’s famed Land of the Rubies

Mogok has been home to Sikhs since their arrival with the Indian army some 150 years ago....

Sikhs are taking an active part in the 800th anniversary celebration of Mogok, a small Myanmar town famed for rubies, with prayer, Guru Ka Langgar and get-togethers in the works.

This morning (24 March), Sikh youth wearing Punjabi dresses joined a procession in the town located 200 kilometres north of Mandalay, proudly holding the sign ‘Sikh Family’.

Sikhs have been present in Mogok for more than 150 years through the Indian army. Today, there are less than a dozen families in the town, a Mogok-born Sikh entrepreneur Rajeev Singh tells Asia Samachar.

Sikhs formerly from Mogok and other parts of the country have started converging in Mogok for the grand celebration. A sehaj path (slow, intermittent, full reading of the Guru Granth Sahib) was started on Jan 5 and the path da bhog (concluding prayers) are planned at Gurdwara Sahib Mogok on Wednesday (28 March)

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