All The Riches in The World Are In My Pocket. Harsangat Raj Kaur's SikhNet story.


Faith leaders gather to support Chicago's immigrant communities

Faith leaders from different religions and backgrounds stood arm-in-arm Thursday evening inside a Loop church to pledge their support for Chicagoland’s unauthorized immigrant community and to denounce what they say is “divisive anti-immigrant rhetoric” stemming from the 2016 presidential campaign.

There are Many Ways to Love the Creator

Let us not be bitter, discriminatory or violent against those who differ from us in one thing or the other. They should not be perceived as adversaries or as competitors, but instead be acknowledged for what they are: brothers and sisters in faith. All wisdom seekers (Sikhs) must seek and promote unity in congregations, organizations, groups, institutions, and in our diaspora societies throughout the world.

Venerable ARJIA RINPOCHE's 10th Anniversary at TMBCC and a Special Birthday Celebration

From near and far to honor the leadership and celebrate the birthday of Venerable Arjia Rinpoche, Director and spiritual leader of Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center (TMBCC) in Bloomington and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TMBCC - a beautiful affair.