'Greed' and 'Hope' ~ Poems by SanYogee

Greed does not make any sense to the sensible...

Greed (25K)Greed

Does not make any sense
To the sensible

Fire of greed
Burns the wood first
Before engulfing
Everything in its vicinity

Greed of
Social acceptance
Social privileges
Social power
Social success

All other social norms
Is slow poisoning
Of humanity

Small of big
Senseless is greed

Border (9K)

Hope (18K)Hope for Humanity

When man and God are one
There is neither a God nor a man

When man separates from God
Man is born and so is God

Man does not return into God
Man remains defending or disapproving God

Both defiance and disapproval of God
Is evidence of separation
The very cause of conflict
Among believers and non-believers
The very cause of people killing
And dying in name of their faith.

Separation is temporary
A bird returns to its nest at sunset

A man shall return into God
For all conflicts to dissolve

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