All The Riches in The World Are In My Pocket. Harsangat Raj Kaur's SikhNet story.

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Jagmeet Singh, Canada’s Newest Political Star, Lifts His Party’s Hopes

As an elected politician, Mr. Singh’s agenda has been more focused on domestic issues. Like most New Democrats, he speaks out about income inequality, housing disparities, the cost of education, the need for job opportunities and efforts to reconcile relations with indigenous people.

Local Sikhs Make Huge Donation to Hurricane Victims

"It's the very basic teachings of our religion. "I think this is our duty. Everybody is our brothers and sisters and homeless families are suffering. We're fortunate that we can do something to help them. The mindset is they're all God's children," added Randik Singh, "and they're in pain and we've got to do something about it."