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Tera Naam

Tera Naam" is blending ancient Kundalini Yoga Mantras rooted in the Sikh Dharma with heartfelt melodies to a new dimension of devotional music and sacred chanting. Through their natural understanding of the inherent beauty of sound they open up a space that is enchanting to everyone not only for those who are familiar with yoga practice and chanting.There is purity, clarity and love in their music bringing forward a sense of deep calmness.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Chattr Chakra Vartee 9:00 2,642
Mul Mantra 8:11 2,375
Gobinday Mukanday 6:42 1,413
Aakhan Jor 10:41 1,174
A Hundred Moons 13:22 1,027
Sa Ta Na Ma (Full Kirtan Kriya Meditation) 32:26 1,009
Rakhe Rakhanhar 8:19 820
Long Ek Ong Kar 8:15 804
Aad Guray Nameh 8:58 743
Sat Narayan (Château Anand Peace Meditation) 11:54 654


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