Taran Kaur & Gandharva

We invite you to make fascinating musical journey together with the duet Taran Kaur & Gandharva. Heartfelt voice of cantatrice, charming mastery of guitar, poetic texts in English and divine vibrations of mantras in Gurmukhi put on original filled with light and sense melodies will create the atmosphere of harmony, pacification and joy. With Taran Kaur & Gandharva you will discover plentiful source of energy, get great inspiration, feel the desire to live and give joy to others! We wish you the feeling pleasure from listening to this amazing music! GANDHARVA - Celestial sounds purifying the mind ... The story of other shores' secrets. Silence and resonance of thoughts ... Swinging of strings like reflection of the stars in a tranquil lake of soul, bringing with cool breeze stillness and meditation. Music of Gandharva is the silence within and the light.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Guru Ram Das 8:30 1,844
Mul Mantra 7:00 1,046
Waah Yantee 7:00 752
Sat Nam (Long Time Sun) 7:20 721
Rakhe Rakhanahar 7:20 656
Ong Namo 8:40 597
Sat Narayan 6:00 486
In Your Eyes 6:20 379
Aakhan Jor 7:30 376
Gobinday Mukunday 6:20 251


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