Rafael Emanuel Ran

Rafael is an artist and talented musician from Israel who got very inspired by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the power of the Kundalini Mantras. On his debut album he combines the mantras with a fascinating musical mix that carries driving oriental and rhythmical sounds, and being inspired by the Sufi tradition lays out a solid mystically-spiritual foundation for the power of the mantras. 

Rafaels music will guide you into another dimension where spirituality, healing, inner peace and spiritual mystic are revealed in a new light and the mind becomes free from the challenges of our modern times.

Most Played

Title Length Plays
Sa Ta Na Ma 13:54 1,674
Mul Mantra 8:07 894
Wah Yantee 8:03 749
Sat Siri 7:44 653
Amen 12:53 613
Wahe Guru 6:53 581
Long Time Sun 2:33 402



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