Dileep Kaur

Dileep Kaur (Canada) studied at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar and has a love for Gurbani that really shows when you hear her play kirtan.  Her music is influenced by her western background though she has strong classical training in music. She plays a vaja (harmonium) as well as with a Guitar.

(She is also known online as Bibi Deep Kaur & Daleep Kaur)


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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Wahe Guru Simran 0:15 37,486
Wahe Guru Simran (Guitar) 23:36 14,404
Wahe Guru Simran 11:10 6,958
Mera Man Lochai 9:59 4,558
Waheguru Simran 22:49 4,548
Simran 29:33 3,574
Guitar Simran 51:49 3,418
Eh Sareera Mereya 6:25 3,070
Gobinday Mukhanday 8:54 3,027
Ik Ardass Bhaat Keerat Kee 6:35 2,801